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Trout Plants: June 20 through June 25  

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The following lakes, streams, rivers, creeks and ponds this week will receive plants of catchable trout from the California Department of Fish & Game:

ALAMEDA                             Lake Del Valle

CALAVERAS             Angels Creek

CALAVERAS             White Pines Lake

COLUSA                                 Upper Letts Lake


FRESNO                                 Big Creek near Huntington

FRESNO                                 Dinkey Creek

FRESNO                                 Huntington Lake

FRESNO                                 Kings River below Pine Flat Reservoir

FRESNO                                 Mono Creek

FRESNO                                 Portal Forebay

FRESNO                                 Rancheria Creek

FRESNO                                 San Joaquin River below Friant Dam

FRESNO                                 S. Fork San Joaquin by Mono Hot Springs

FRESNO                                 S. Fork San Joaquin near Jackass Meadow

FRESNO                                 Tamarack Creek

FRESNO                                 Tenmile Creek

FRESNO                                 Ward Lake

HUMBOLDT                          Fish Lake

HUMBOLDT                          Freshwater Lagoon

INYO                                      Baker Creek

INYO                                      Big Pine Creek

INYO                                      Bishop Creek Dam Intake No. 2

INYO                                      Cottonwood Creek

INYO                                      Diaz Lake

INYO                                      George Creek

INYO                                      Goodale Creek

INYO                                      Independence Creek

INYO                                      Lone Pine Creek

INYO                                      lower Bishop Creek

INYO                                      lower Owens River, Stewart Lane to Laws

INYO                                      Middle Fork Bishop Creek

INYO                                      North Lake

INYO                                      Rock Creek Lake

INYO                                      Shepherd Creek

INYO                                      South Fork Bishop Creek

INYO                                      Symms Creek

INYO                                      Taboose Creek

INYO                                      Tinemaha Creek

KERN                                     Alder Creek

KERN                                     Cedar Creek

KERN                                     Kern River, Democrat Beach to Lower Richbar

KERN                                     Kern River, Isabella Main Dam to Powerhouse #3

KERN                                     Kern River, Powerhouse #3 to Riverside Park

KERN                                     Kern River, Sandy Flat to Democrat Beach

LASSEN                                 Bailey Reservoir

LASSEN                                 Blue Lake

LASSEN                                 Caribou Lake

LASSEN                                 Eagle Lake

LASSEN                                 McCoy Flat Rservoir



MADERA                               Corrine Lake

MADERA                               Fish Creek

MADERA                               Lewis Creek

MADERA                               lower Chiquito Creek

MADERA                               Nelder Creek

MADERA                               North Fork, Willow Creek

MADERA                               Rock Creek

MADERA                               Upper Big Creek

MADERA                               West Fork Chiquito Creek

MODOC                                  Ballard Reservoir

MODOC                                  West Valley Reservoir

MONO                                    Bridgeport Reservoir

MONO                                    Buckeye Creek

MONO                                    Convict Creek

MONO                                    Convict Lake

MONO                                    Deadman Creek

MONO                                    Glass Creek

MONO                                    Grant Lake

MONO                                    Gull Lake

MONO                                    June Lake

MONO                                    Lee Vining Creek

MONO                                    Lower Twin Lake, Bridgeport

MONO                                    Lundy Lake

MONO                                    Mammoth Creek

MONO                                    McGee Creek

MONO                                    Mill Creek

MONO                                    Robinson Creek

MONO                                    Rock Creek, French Camp to Rock Creek Lodge

MONO                                    Rock Creek, Paradise Lodge to Tuff Campground

MONO                                    Rush Creek

MONO                                    Sherwin Creek

MONO                                    Silver Lake

MONO                                    upper Owens River, Benton Crossing to Crowley Lake

MONO                                    Upper Twin Lake, Bridgeport

MONO                                    Virginia Creek

MONO                                    Walker River, Little

MONO                                    West Walker River, Section 2

MONO                                    West Walker River, Section 3



NEVADA                                Donner Lake

NEVADA                                Scotts Flat Reservoir

PLACER                                 Lake Valley  Reservoir

PLUMAS                                 Antelope Lake

PLUMAS                                 Bucks Lake

PLUMAS                                 Little Grass Valley Reservoir

PLUMAS                                 Middle Fork Feather River

SHASTA                                 Baum Lake

SHASTA                                 Hatchet Creek

SHASTA                                 Lower Burney Creek

SHASTA                                 Middle Burney Creek

SHASTA                                 Middle Hat Creek

SHASTA                                 Montgomery Creek

SHASTA                                 Sacramento River

SHASTA                                 Upper Burney Creek

SHASTA                                 Upper Hat Creek

SHASTA                                 Whiskeytown Lake

SISKIYOU                              Lake Siskiyou             

SISKIYOU                              McCloud River Fowlers

SISKIYOU                              South Fork Sacramento River

SIERRA                                  Lower Sardine Lake

STANISLAUS             Turlock Lake

TEHAMA                               Deer Creek

TEHAMA                               South Fork, Battle Creek

TRINITY                                 Ruth Lake

TRINITY                                 Stoney Creek

TULARE                                 Balch Park eastern lake

TULARE                                 Balch Park western lake

TULARE                                 Big Meadows Creek

TULARE                                 Bone Creek

TULARE                                 Deer Creek

TULARE                                 Dry Meadow Creek

TULARE                                 Freeman Creek

TULARE                                 Hedrick Campground pond

TULARE                                 Kern River, Brush Creek to Fairview Dam

TULARE                                 Kern River, Fairview Dam to Falling Waters Lodge

TULARE                                 lower Peppermint Creek

TULARE                                 Nobe Young Creek

TULARE                                 Poso Creek

TULARE                                 South Fork Kern River

TULARE                                 Stoney Creek

TULARE                                 upper Peppermint Creek

TULARE                                 White River

TUOLUMNE                           Beardsley Lake

TUOLUMNE                           Beaver Creek

TUOLUMNE                           Cherry Lake

TUOLUMNE                           Lyons Canal

TUOLUMNE                           Lyons Reservoir

TUOLUMNE                           Middle Fork Stanislaus River

TUOLUMNE                           Middle Fork Tuolumne River

TUOLUMNE                           Moccasin Creek

TUOLUMNE                           North Fork Tuolumne River

TUOLUMNE                           Pinecrest Lake

TUOLUMNE                           Powerhouse Stream

TUOLUMNE                           South Fork Stanislaus River

TUOLUMNE                           South Fork Tuolumne River

TUOLUMNE                           Stanislaus River Clark Fork




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