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Monster rainbows

Friday morning justin fulltime guide for sacriverguide  fished shasta lake for trophy bows and pounded 21 bows realeasing most fish but had to keep 2 fish weighing  10 pounds total weight we ate fishing much different  this week trying to
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TigerFish Salmon Action

by ALLEN CHIN / Tigerfish Sportfishing
Good Afternoon TigerFish Faithful, The weather is fantastic and the salmon fishing improved today. We fished outside of the good signs and landed 17 quality salmon up to 20 pounds and lost several more! We are chartered both days this weekend.
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Jurassic Pond Fish Report 8/16/17

by TOM LOE / Sierra Drifters Guide Service
The big fish here just won’t stop biting! Did I mention that these are all wild fish with some of the hottest paint jobs you’ll find in the sierra? We offer half day guided trips here and can fish up
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North Fork Brownie

Our friend Eric with a beautiful brown trout he caught and released while fly fishing on The North Fork Of The Stanislaus. Awesome fish brother. It was great to see you yesterday. I love hearing about your adventures. Thanks for
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by TOM ZIZZO / Wild Wave Sportfishing
We got lucky the other day and got some Salmon.
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Possessing Steel and Lead while Hunting Chukar and Quail?

by CARRIE WILSON / California Department of Fish and Game
Question: The ban on hunting with lead ammunition is being phased in. It now includes chukar, while the use of lead will continue to be allowed for quail until the 2019 season. My question is can hunters carry both types of
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Klamath remains open for steelhead, closed for salmon

by KENNY PRIEST / Fishing the North Coast
Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. The Klamath River, for the first time that anyone can remember, is completely closed to salmon fishing as of Tuesday, Aug. 15. With only 12,000 adult fall-run Chinook expected to
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Nice Day!

by JAY YOKOMIZO / New Huck Finn Sportfishing
Captain Jay Yokomizo checked in this afternoon with an update from the New Huck Finn out of Emeryville, CA. We had another light load for Rockfish and Lingcod today. We took our six anglers out on the coast and
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1/2 Day Salmon

by MIKE RESCINO / Lovely Martha Sportfishing
Captain Mike Rescino checked in with an update from the Lovely Martha out of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Today we had a morning 1/2 day trip and our 11 anglers caught 13 King Salmon (up to 24 pounds). CURRENT SCHEDULE: Thursday
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Halibut in SF Bay

by JONATHON SMITH / Happy Hooker Sportfishing
Today we took advantage of the good tides and targeted halibut in the central bay. We caught 11 halibut and 1 leopard shark for 12 anglers. 
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Boat Launch Upgrade

The boat launch at Silver Lake has long been in disrepair. The old concrete pier was removed a few years back. Once the pier was removed launching at Silver Lake became more complicated. The good news is
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