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Monster brown caught in June Lake Loop  

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An 18.1 pound brown trout, the largest trout caught from the June Lake Loop (Mono County) in two decades was landed and released last Thursday from Silver Lake.

Paul Gonzalez of Phillips Ranch caught and released the monster brown on an annual trip dedicated to catching brown trout, said Jeremy Ross from Ernie’s Tackle & Ski Shop in June Lake.

Gonzalez had a productive four days of fishing, catching and releasing 22 browns all weighing more than two pounds. He also caught and released a brown weighing between eight and 10 pounds.

The 18.1 pounder was caught near the Rush Creek outlet with a No. 9 rainbow Rapala. The hook popped out of the trout’s mouth when it was landed and two of the hooks on the front treble hook were completely flat, Ross said.

Some of the battle, including the catch and release, was captured on video.

The 18.1 pounder may be a record for Silver Lake but larger fish have been caught from the June Lake Loop. The loop record is a 23 pound brown from Gull Lake. A 20.3 ounce brown was caught in 1991 from Grant Lake.

That 18.1 brown still lurks in Silver. Fishing closes for the season on Nov. 15.



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