Truckee River Fishing Report

Truckee River Fishing Report

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Truckee River 

The Truckee River is flowing around 370cfs through the downtown gauge. Through Sparks (downstream of Reno) water temps are creeping up in the late afternoons, rising above 70F degrees around 1 pm. Temps above 70F can be stressful on trout when they are hooked and fought. We suggest giving them a break in mid afternoon in areas of the river that are above 70.

Don’t give up on getting outside, there are other areas to explore during these hours, upstream of Reno, tailwater tributaries, high elevation lakes. Not to mention some great warm water targets.

We highly encourage fishing in the mornings during this warm period, both for success and the health of the fish. 

To support this, the morning bite has been good. We’re not seeing a lot of bugs present throughout the day so cover water quickly and search for actively feeding fish. Faster water has still proved best for targeting trout, but fish a lot of water types to get a good understanding of what the fish are doing that particular day. As you wrap up a morning session or on your way to an evening bite watch out for Hoppers coming off of the trail on your approach. Riverside meadows and adjacent floodplains should be drying out. This should begin to produce ideal conditions for grass hoppers. Trout will be looking for these to flop into the water out of overhanging bushes and on windy days. Be prepared with a few in your fly box, Panty Dropper Hopper and the Spring Creek Hopper are great patterns to have ready.

On the main stem of the Truckee River, stoneflies are king right now. Especially for the larger fish. Crayfish should be molting by now with the warmer water temperatures so fishing a lighter colored stonefly pattern like the Terminator stone can be a game changer. Combine a size 14-16 Caddis or mayfly nymph with your stonefly.

Flies we suggest: Carot, The Ticket, G6 Caddis, OCD Caddis, Nemec Stone, Masked Marauder, CDC Red Tag, Parachute Adams, Parachute Madam X, Perdigon, ID Theft, Sculpzilla, Weirs Sculpin

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