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Picture of the Week
Golden trout

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This week’s Picture of the Week is from a few weeks back. Lake Tahoe guide Gene St. Denis took a 14 day solo hike near the crest of the Eastern Sierra to search for golden trout.

Eureka! As they say.

St. Denis struck gold in a big way. He went in Oct. 25 at the Cottonwood Trailhead and traveled 70 miles to Shepard’s Pass before coming down on Nov. 7.

This big golden trout is one of many he caught. St. Denis reported losing a seven to eight pound golden, too.

Not many get up to this stretch of California. The terrain is challenging and the extreme elevation requires fitness. St. Denis reported no other hikers.

The reward is here for you to enjoy.

St. Denis can tell you more about the trip when you book a trout/mackinaw trip on Lake Tahoe. Reach him at (530) 544-6552 or at

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