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Best Bites: Aug. 11 through Aug. 24  

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Go west. Go west to the Pacific Coast and get out and get after the best salmon fishing we’ve had in years. So plentiful you can catch them from shore at the Pacifica Pier and the state park in Benicia. No sure thing, but its happening. Salmon are plentiful enough for trollers and moochers off Monterey, the Marin Coast and Bodega Bay to expect limits.  There are other options, too. Rock cod out of Pillar Point, mackinaw at Lake Tahoe, trout on the West Walker River. There are all kinds of fun available in this week’s Best Bites:

PACIFICA salmon: Salmon came in close five days ago and pier fishing has been good. It’s the first appearance of salmon in years. Each day seems to get better. Best day was 10 salmon. Tuesday there was six and fish were being caught again Wednesday. Bite is best in the morning. A mix of sardines and anchovies have drawn in the salmon. (650) 355-8303, (650) 359-9790

MONTEREY salmon: Salmon fishing continues to be very good. Some days there are limits, others there is one per rod but there are fish being caught every day. On Wednesday, Chris’ boat came back early with limits for 22, Most of the 44 salmon weighed seven to nine pounds. Boats are mooching near Fort Ord and finding fish 40 to 60 feet below the surface. (831) 375-5951; (831) 372-7440

BODEGA BAY salmon: Salmon fishing at the mouth of the Russian River has resulted in limit fishing since Sunday. Fish are shallow in 40 feet of water. Miss Anita Charters, (707) 875-3474, New Sea Angler (707) 875-3344; (707) 875-3495

EMERYVILLE, BERKELEY salmon: The salmon bite took off again off the Marin Coast. Party boats are trolling and getting better than a fish per rod to limits. The average size is six to 10 pounds but a quarter of the fish caught weigh in 20s. Boats have been doing best near Duxbury and Rocky Point. Potluck boats have been getting a mix of fish/ (510) 849-3333, (510) 654-6040

EMERYVILLE, BERKELEY potluck: Potluck boats have been getting stripers, halibut and rock cod. The Happy Hooker has enjoyed striper limits have been every day since last Wednesday while fishing all over the Central bay. On Saturday it had limits of rock cod and Sunday went for halibut and had 21 for 24 anglers. Biggest stripers are 15 to 18 pounds but most are five to eight pounds. On Tuesday, two boats from Berkeley combined for 26 halibut to 19 pounds and 15 stripers to 12 pounds for 29 anglers. Rock cod trips to the islands get limits. Coastal trips don’t get limits, but get more ling cod. (510) 654-6040

WEST WALKER RIVER trout: The flows on the West Walker are coming down to great levels these days, in the 550 cfs range and there have been great reports coming back. There are lots of fish stacked up in the deeper pools and some are starting to spread out into the riffles and runs. We've had reports of some fish up to about 8 pounds being caught, Nightcrawlers, eggs, spinners and spoons have all been doing well. The dry fly fishing should start getting good any (760) 932-7707

LAKE TAHOE mackinaw, kokanee: Mackinaw and kokanee combo trips have been quite good. Limits are coming in each day. Oftentimes before 9 a.m. Kokanee are found from the surface to 50 feet from Camp Richardson to Emerald Bay. Most are in the 12-13 inch range. Pautzke’s fire corn helps greatly.  Mackinaw are 120- to 170-feet down and averaging three to seven pounds. Mike Nielsen (530) 721-0593; (530) 546-4444; 530-412-1800





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