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100 pound sturgeon caught and released at Del Valle  

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A 100 pound sturgeon was caught at Lake Del Valle Tuesday by Gary Howard of Livermore. It is by far the largest fish ever caught from Del Valle but comes as a surprise to most everyone but Howard.

Howard, a well-known regular at Del Valle whose pictures routinely grace the photo galleries of NorCalFishingNews, caught the 72 inch sturgeon while fishing south of Tarantula Cove using anchovies for bait. After taking photos, the fish was released.

Howard believes it was the same fish he battled last September before losing it at the boat.

“When he came back that day he said the fish he lost was every bit of six feet,” said lake employee Baxter Shaffer. “He had a personal vendetta against the sturgeon he lost.”

Howard was using a circle hook during the September battle and the sturgeon slipped the hook at the boat. This time Howard used an octopus hook at the end of 15-pound test P-Line, a 20-pound leader with a one-ounce weight.

When the sturgeon was landed after a two-hour battle just before nightfall, Howard’s size estimate proved to be spot on.

The sturgeon is the largest fish ever taken from Del Valle. It surpasses a 39 pound catfish and far outweighs the previous sturgeon record that was in the mid-20 pound range. 


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