Saltwater Fish Reports

For the week of December 10, 2018

California Dawn Sportfishing: Fished the Islands Today.: Fished the islands... more »
James Smith (Updated 2018-12-13)
Limits Again on Rockfish and Crab: We fished the Farallon Islands today and found... more »
James Smith (Updated 2018-12-10)
Fish Emeryville: We Had to Work for Everything We Caught Today : We had another... more »
Jay Yokomizo (Updated 2018-12-13)
Limits of Rockfish, Crabs & 15 Lingcod: The limits of Rockfish and limits of Dungeoness... more »
Jay Yokomizo (Updated 2018-12-12)
Rockfish, Crabs and Lingcod!: Another beautiful day at the islands. We had 27... more »
Jay Yokomizo (Updated 2018-12-10)
Huli Cat Sportfishing: Rockcod Crab Combo!:   Huli Cat... more »
Tom Mattusch (Updated 2018-12-13)