Saltwater Fish Reports

For the week of July 15, 2019

Eureka Coast: Eureka Salmon Bite Turns Inconsistent: Inconsistent would be... more »
Kenny Priest (Updated 2019-07-18)
San Francisco Bay: Halibut and Striped Bass Fishing Has Been the Best in Years : The halibut and... more »
California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau (Updated 2019-07-15)
California Dawn Sportfishing: Light Charter Today : We had a... more »
James Smith (Updated 2019-07-21)
What A Day of Potluck Fishing: What a day of potluck fishing! A lot... more »
James Smith (Updated 2019-07-20)
California Dawn Fishing Report: Worked hard at it all day. We finished... more »
James Smith (Updated 2019-07-19)
San Francisco Fire Department Station 10 Salmon Fishing!: Had the guys from the San Francisco Fire... more »
James Smith (Updated 2019-07-18)
California Dawn Fishing Report: We finished up the day with 85 keepers... more »
James Smith (Updated 2019-07-17)
Nothing Short of Another Spectacular Day: It still amazes me the bay fishing we’ve... more »
James Smith (Updated 2019-07-16)
The Bite Can't Possibly Get Much Better: What a week we are having here. We... more »
James Smith (Updated 2019-07-15)
Fish Emeryville: TigerFish Salmon & Rockfish Limits!: Happy Sunday TigerFishermen, What... more »
Allen Chin (Updated 2019-07-21)
Sea Wolf Sunday Report : Today the Sea Wolf’s 32 anglers caught 320... more »
Joe Hobbs (Updated 2019-07-21)
Rockfish Charter Today: We had a charter today that wanted to... more »
Jay Yokomizo (Updated 2019-07-20)
Great Group of Friends & Family Aboard Today: The Sea Wolf had a great group of... more »
Joe Hobbs (Updated 2019-07-20)
TigerFish Island Rockfishing: Good Evening TigerFishermen, Been a long time since we’ve... more »
Allen Chin (Updated 2019-07-20)
Sea Wolf Fishing Report: We fished the islands today in weather we... more »
Joe Hobbs (Updated 2019-07-19)
Sea Wolf Fishing Update: Yesterday, Wednesday the 17th we had one of... more »
Joe Hobbs (Updated 2019-07-18)
TigerFish Salmon: Good Afternoon TigerFishermen, Salmon fishing continues to be very... more »
Allen Chin (Updated 2019-07-17)
KingFish Family Trip: Good Afternoon KingFishermen, Took some family and friends out... more »
Allen Chin (Updated 2019-07-17)
Sea Wolf Fishing Update: Sunday we had a great day fishing the... more »
Joe Hobbs (Updated 2019-07-16)
TigerFish Salmon Limits: Good Afternoon TigerFishermen, Great salmon fishing once again as... more »
Allen Chin (Updated 2019-07-15)
Potluck Fishing At Its Finest: Potluck fishing at its finest we had a... more »
Jay Yokomizo (Updated 2019-07-15)
Half Moon Bay Sportfishing: Guess what? ... Limits again!: Clam weather, great... more »
Wallace Klughers (Updated 2019-07-21)
They continue to Chomp: The wind kept us from heading out to... more »
Wallace Klughers (Updated 2019-07-20)
Sloppy salmon fishing : Ahoy  we had a private charter today. We ran... more »
William Smith (Updated 2019-07-19)
Another day, same results: Another day rockfishing, another day of limits for... more »
Sherry Ingles (Updated 2019-07-18)
Rock fishing : Ran out deep reef this morning and when... more »
William Smith (Updated 2019-07-18)
More Limits: Another day rockfishing, another day of limits for... more »
Sherry Ingles (Updated 2019-07-17)
Tuesday Update: Travelled up to Sunday's hot bite spot off... more »
Sherry Ingles (Updated 2019-07-16)
San Mateo PAL charter scores: Ralph and Paul with the San Mateo Police... more »
Sherry Ingles (Updated 2019-07-15)
Happy Hooker Sportfishing: Farallon islands : Wide open Rockfish... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2019-07-21)
Lingcod and rockfish : We crushed it on big Lings and rockfish... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2019-07-20)
Farallon islands : Large Lings and fat sacks for all of... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2019-07-19)
Hog Heaven Sportfishing: Can’t get any better : 22 anglers catching... more »
Sean Hodges (Updated 2019-07-21)
12 pound average : 19 anglers catching 25 salmon with a average... more »
Sean Hodges (Updated 2019-07-19)
Wide open Hogs: Limits again with 12 to 15 pounds average.... more »
Sean Hodges (Updated 2019-07-18)
Limits of hogs: There getting bigger. 13 anglers catch 26 salmon... more »
Sean Hodges (Updated 2019-07-17)
Hog Heaven Fishing Report : Today we had 19 salmon for 11 anglers.... more »
Sean Hodges (Updated 2019-07-16)
Biting big time: They keep coming. Full limits. 15 anglers catching... more »
Sean Hodges (Updated 2019-07-15)
Huli Cat Sportfishing: Huli Cat Salmon Trip: Huli Cat went... more »
Tom Mattusch (Updated 2019-07-20)
Huli Cat Rockcod Fishing Report: Huli Cat out of Half Moon Bay went... more »
Tom Mattusch (Updated 2019-07-17)
Kahuna Sportfishing: Long Range Beauties: Our long range... more »
Carol Jones (Updated 2019-07-21)
King Salmon: Great group of 8 anglers today landed 10... more »
Carol Jones (Updated 2019-07-18)
Lovely Martha Sportfishing: Lovely Martha scores LIMITS of salmon!!!: 7/21/19. LIMITS!! Today... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2019-07-21)
Lovely Martha reports in with LIMITS OF SALMON!!!: 7/20/19. LIMITS!! Today we had a private charter... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2019-07-20)
salmon fishing continues to be excellent!!: 7/19/19 today was another fantastic day of salmon... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2019-07-19)
Huge comeback in the afternoon!!: 7/18/19. Now that was a comeback!!! After only... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2019-07-18)
Flat calm weather made for a fun day of fishing. : 7/17/19. Today we caught 20 salmon to 16lbs,... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2019-07-17)
Pulled the rabbit out of the hat today!!: 7/16/19. Today we went from zeros to hero’s!!... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2019-07-16)
Salmon Limits aboard the Lovely Martha. : 7/15/19 EARLY LIMITS!! Today we had another great... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2019-07-15)
Salty Lady Sportfishing: GGFA AUCTION WINNER !!!: LIMITS again !!... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2019-07-19)
As Good As It Gets....: LIMITS !! Wonder how we can put 50+... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2019-07-18)
Napa boys charter !!: Thank YOU Mike Quaglia and the Napa boys... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2019-07-17)
Biggest fish yet !!!: Been waiting for the big ones ?? They’re... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2019-07-16)
Good day here !!: 32 Salmon for 21 people up to 17lb... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2019-07-15)
Silver Fox Sportfishing: Salmon on the silver fox: The cost of... more »
Jeff Claypool (Updated 2019-07-21)
Rock pile rock cod in the Bay along with stripers:  Last minute group wanted rock hard we work... more »
Jeff Claypool (Updated 2019-07-20)
Afternoon bay trip:  Working with the tide did an afternoon halibut... more »
Jeff Claypool (Updated 2019-07-19)