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Bay Area

Anderson (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:00:06

Quality bass are being caught by shore anglers just past the bridge. Lure choices at the moment seem to be any reaction-type bait in a shad pattern as the fish appear to be stuffed full of baitfish. Boat anglers are also enjoying quality fish off of crankbaits, spinnerbaits, drop-shot, small swimbaits, etc. Small numbers of crappie have been landed all across the lake on mini-jigs and live small-medium minnows suspended under a float near likely structure. Plenty of carp near the dam. (408) 927-9144, Coyote Bait & Tackle (408) 463-0711

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Benicia (fresh water open)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:00:34

Salmon bite has slowed but striper action has been torrid. Salmon catch rate is less than a ½-dozen fish per day caught at the state park. Live bullhead get stripers from all over the Benicia shoreline. Majority come from 12th and 14th streets and under the bridge. Biggest recent catch was a 34 incher. Benicia Bait (707) 745-4921

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Berkeley (salt water open)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:01:03

Stripers are being caught from Point Pinole and Point Richmond on into the Delta. Pile worms and grass shrimp are working best. Perch bite is good at Point Richmond. Rubberlips weighing more than a pound are being caught on pile worms. Bay Tackle (510) 235-2032

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Berryessa (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:01:28

The Putah Creek arm and the narrows are kicking out bass to six pounds for those using jigs or spoons. Sweeney’s Sports (707) 255-5544; Don Paganelli (916) 502-3474

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Calero (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:01:57

Bass fishing has been decent, shore anglers have been using topwaters earlier in the morning under overcast skies and any reaction-type lure later in the day. Drop-shot and other soft plastics are consistently catching fish throughout the day and anglers are throwing frogs on any available mats or patches of vegetation. The crappie bite has been more consistent than other lakes around the area, and both shore anglers and boaters are landing them around any submerged timber as well as shallow structure. (408) 268-3883, Coyote Bait & Tackle (408) 463-0711

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Capitola (salt water open)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:02:19

Rock cod bite slowed because of a swell during the weekend. Bite has recovered. (831) 462-2208

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Chabot (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:02:51

Trout plants are underway but bite remains slow. Water temps are in the low 70s. Catfish bite is good. Best results are in Honker Bay and the back side of the island. (510) 247-2526

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Chesbro (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:03:23

Water level extremely low. Besides Uvas, catfish anglers are catching a fair amount of channel cats off of  nightcrawlers, chicken liver, stinkbait, and filets of mackerel.  (408) 358-3741, Coyote Bait & Tackle (408) 463-0711

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Contra Loma (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:03:51

First trout plant of the season went in last week and fishing has improved. Try using Power Baits or nightcrawlers at the Boat Ramp area.  Catfish have been biting nightcrawlers, anchovies, or chicken liver at Channel Point or near the Swim Lagoon.  Anglers have been catching their limits. Big fish of the week include 15 and 10 pound catfish caught by Matilde Quiroga at Channel Point and 12 and 9 pound cats caught by Roy Nobriga, also at Channel Point. (510) 544-3154

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Coyote (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:04:13

Frog fishing has been popular amongst the bass fishermen here recently as areas of the lake become more matted. Swim jigs in bluegill & baby bass patterns are most effective for working through thick vegetation. Topwaters are effective early in the morning especially under overcast skies, and later in the afternoon as the sun begins to set. Very few crappie have been landed, Calero appears to be the better choice for those targeting crappie. Coyote Bait & Tackle (408) 463-0711

Previous Report: 2014-10-15 21:58:13   Previous Report: 2014-10-09 07:20:12   Previous Report: 2014-10-01 21:27:31   Previous Report: 2014-09-24 22:14:38   Previous Report: 2014-09-17 20:33:56  

Del Valle (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:04:39

Not much action for this week, the water level has gotten pretty low but fisherman are still pulling out fish. The water temperature is 70 degrees and the clarity is green with a two foot visibility. The Stripers will boil in the Narrows in the morning and late afternoons when the sun begins to set. Your best luck is to go with top waters, shiny jerk baits or even small swim baits. A few more Catfish came in on either Anchovies or Chicken Liver over by the Dam or Heron Bay. Smallies are hitting crank baits in shallow water and for Largemouth you can try jerk baits or top waters in the morning. There’s no Trout being caught yet but Mt. Lassen planted 500 lbs. of Trout on the 17th. (925) 449-5201

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Emeryville (salt water open)
Updated 2013-12-04 21:13:41

Boats continue to get limits of crab and rock cod from the Marin coast or the Farallons. Lings are plentiful both spots if targeted. (510) 654-6040

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Lafayette (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:05:02

Trout season has begun at the Lafayette Reservoir. The Department of Fish and Wildlife planted 1,600 pounds of trout last Thursday. We’ll begin plants from Mt Lassen shortly. The water temps at 6 feet was 69.1 degrees this morning, and 65.6 degrees at 30 feet, still a little above comfortable for trout, but some fishers already caught some from the last plant.  There’s a lot of pollen around the shoreline, so you may need to cast out a little further for the warm water fish, and it could a better chance of catching trout at the shoreline. Bass and catfish are still plentiful. (925) 284-9669

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Lexington (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-15 21:59:26

Bass bite is slow. Use jigs around any structure near the banks. Square-billed crank baits in crawdad patterns are worth trying. Smaller profile top water baits can be used in the morning. (408) 463-0711

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Loch Lomond (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-06-25 22:18:49

Lake will not open this season due to low water

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Los Vaqueros (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:05:24

Lake was planted Oct. 17 and trout fishing has been good since. A 9 pound trout was caught with Power Bait in South Cove by Jack Welence of Brentwood.  Another trout plant is on schedule for this week. Stripers are plentiful but many are undersized but there are 19 to 22 inchers being caught. Cowboy and Peninsula coves are good spots for stripers. (925) 371-2628


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McAlpine Lake (fresh water lake)
Updated 2013-03-06 21:33:19

A trout derby will be held Saturday, 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Entry is $35 for a chance at a $300 grand prize.  (831) 623-4263


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Moss Landing (salt water open)
Updated 2013-05-09 06:57:39

The Kahuna on Wednesday had limits of rock cod for 29 plus 42 lings. When weather allows, fishing has been very good.

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Mount Tamalpais Lakes (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:09:54

Bon Tempe was planted with 900 pounds of trout on Oct. 16. Lagunitas is scheduled for a plant next week. (415) 945-1194

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Napa River (fresh water river)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:10:25

Small stripers are providing most of the action. Not a lot of larger fish. Water is still on the warm side. A few sturgeon are rolling in the lower river. Sweeney’s Sports (707) 255-5544

Previous Report: 2014-10-15 22:00:26   Previous Report: 2014-10-09 07:22:17   Previous Report: 2014-10-01 21:32:12   Previous Report: 2014-09-24 22:17:39   Previous Report: 2014-09-17 20:36:10  

Pacifica (salt water open)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:10:56

A few stripers are caught here and there. Perch fishing is good from the beach and the pier. (650) 355-8303, (650) 359-9790

Previous Report: 2014-10-15 22:00:51   Previous Report: 2014-10-09 07:22:47   Previous Report: 2014-10-01 21:32:44   Previous Report: 2014-09-24 22:18:26   Previous Report: 2014-09-17 20:36:42  

Pillar Point (salt water open)
Updated 2014-08-27 22:03:57

White sea bass weighing 20 to 40 pounds are being caught north and south of the harbor. Bass are taking live squid. Some have been caught near Martin’s Beach and south of the Ritz-Carlton but bite seems to have moved above Montara. Most are in 30 to 60 feet of water. A 70 pounder was caught in 90 feet of water. There’s a 12-foot great white shark roaming the area. Not a good spot for kayakers.

Previous Report: 2013-12-04 21:16:01   Previous Report: 2013-11-27 17:21:08   Previous Report: 2013-05-16 08:03:59   Previous Report: 2013-05-09 06:59:30   Previous Report: 2013-05-02 05:33:21  

Port Sonoma (salt water open)
Updated 2014-03-19 21:32:36

Sonoma Creek and Petaluma River have stripers near the mouth. Some sturgeon are in the same area.

Previous Report: 2013-08-21 22:01:52   Previous Report: 2013-07-31 21:33:15   Previous Report: 2013-07-25 09:02:08   Previous Report: 2013-07-10 22:30:02   Previous Report: 2013-07-04 06:36:41  

Quarry Lakes (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:14:55

Water temperature has dropped to 65 degrees. Biggest fish of the week was a 14 pound catfish caught Wednesday by Richard Kuwlitzky. A few trout are being caught. One limits came to a shoreline anglers using Power Bait. Bite is still far from fair. (510) 544-3133

Previous Report: 2014-10-15 22:01:19   Previous Report: 2014-10-09 07:23:45   Previous Report: 2014-10-01 21:33:13   Previous Report: 2014-09-24 22:19:03   Previous Report: 2014-09-17 20:38:40  

San Francisco Bay (salt water open)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:11:20

A few halibut are being caught. Some can be found beneath the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.  Loch Lomond Marina (415) 456-0321

Previous Report: 2014-10-15 22:01:43   Previous Report: 2014-10-09 07:23:14   Previous Report: 2014-10-01 21:33:38   Previous Report: 2014-09-24 22:19:30   Previous Report: 2014-09-17 20:37:53  

San Pablo Bay (salt water open)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:11:51

Bass are in thick. Shoreline anglers can get bass to 7 pounds along the Marin County shoreline. Some cast lures, but best results come to bait anglers using mudsuckers, shiners or shrimp. Drifters go to the Brothers. There are small fish, but they are in numerous. (415) 456-0321

Previous Report: 2014-09-17 20:37:30   Previous Report: 2014-09-03 22:37:33   Previous Report: 2014-08-27 22:02:59   Previous Report: 2014-07-31 07:49:00   Previous Report: 2014-07-16 23:38:43  

San Pablo Reservoir (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:14:29

With cooler weather we are hoping trout fishing turns on soon. Cool temperatures will bring the trout up. Try trolling, 40 to 50 feet deep using jointed Rapalas or Kastmasters. If you chose to bait fish try down in the Pines or Rock Wall with chartreuse Power Bait. Bass fishing has been excellent the past week. People have been using crank baits and spinner baits. Fish have been caught around Scow Canyon and the Preserve area. Reminder that bass need to be 12 inches or more to keep. Catfish are still hungry. They have been hitting ever thing from trout eggs to crank baits. The best is to soak stinky baits such as chicken livers, night crawlers or anchovies. Try looking near the Pines or fish from a boat fish in the channel near boat launch.

 (510) 223-1661

Previous Report: 2014-10-15 22:03:08   Previous Report: 2014-10-09 07:24:21   Previous Report: 2014-10-01 21:34:16   Previous Report: 2014-09-24 22:20:05   Previous Report: 2014-09-17 20:39:07  

Santa Cruz (salt water open)
Updated 2013-04-25 07:36:49

Wednesday was the best day of the season for Capt. Jimmy Charters, scoring six limits. Capt. Jimmy (831) 662-3020; Stagnaro’s Sportfishing (831) 427-2334

Previous Report: 2012-09-19 20:49:47   Previous Report: 2012-09-12 21:26:03   Previous Report: 2012-08-29 17:36:17   Previous Report: 2012-08-15 17:10:47   Previous Report: 2012-07-19 09:32:13  

Sausalito (salt water open)
Updated 2013-05-16 08:06:58

Hog Heaven, Outer Limits and New Rayann have been scoring well on trips outside the Gate. Early salmon limits were common before wind kicked up. No one has been out since Monday.

Previous Report: 2013-05-09 07:07:20   Previous Report: 2013-04-25 07:36:03   Previous Report: 2011-08-25 07:42:32   Previous Report: 2010-05-19 19:32:26  

Shadow Cliffs (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:13:15

Trout are being caught past the second dock by anglers using Power Bait. Water is cooling and is in the high 60s. DFW planted 1,500 pounds on Wednesday. Bite is improving. (510) 544-3230

Previous Report: 2014-10-15 22:03:46   Previous Report: 2014-10-09 07:24:43   Previous Report: 2014-10-01 21:34:40   Previous Report: 2014-09-24 22:20:24   Previous Report: 2014-09-17 20:39:32  

Suisun Bay (salt water open)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:12:11

Striper bite is on at the mount of Montezuma Slough. Some are between 10 and 15 pounds. Smaller bass are being caught from the Martinez Pier. Martinez Bait & Tackle (925) 229-9420

Previous Report: 2014-10-15 22:02:07   Previous Report: 2014-10-09 07:25:06   Previous Report: 2014-09-17 20:37:05   Previous Report: 2014-09-10 21:23:25   Previous Report: 2014-09-03 22:37:55  

Uvas (fresh water lake)
Updated 2014-10-22 21:12:50

Water level extremely low at 5% full. Fishing has been surprisingly fair due to fish concentrated in such a small body of water. For those targeting bass, topwater has been effective first thing in the morning and as the afternoon cools down. Soft plastics, small swimbaits, spinnerbaits, and other reaction-type lures in brighter colors such as white or chartreuse are proven effective due to low water clarity. Catfish has been above average for most anglers recently, and most are landed at night off of nightcrawlers, chicken liver, stinkbait, and filets of mackerel.  Coyote Bait & Tackle (408) 463-0711

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