Lake Chabot Fishing Report

Lake Chabot Fishing Report

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The lake is FULL! The rain this past couple days has muddied up the lake quite a bit. But with a few nice days it should clear right back up. Our current water level is at 106% and rising. We are expecting rain in the upcoming weeks so make sure to call ahead if you are planning on renting or launching a boat. Overall fishing has been slow. Several trout were caught at Alder Point and a couple of six pounders were caught at the burner. Our latest trout plants were on January 18th and January 25th of 1000 pounds each. Video of the trout plant is available on our facebook page. Currently all trout plants are suspended due to water going over the spillway. Water temperature remains in the 50’s and water clarity is about 1 feet visibility.

All of our boats are half off Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays, including Patio Boats!!


Catfishing slowed down quite a bit. No reports of catfish were reported getting caught this past week. When fishing for catfish, the best bait to use when fishing for catfish is either chicken liver, or mackerel. Make sure to cut 2” inch chunk of mackerel and putting it on a size 1 or 2 hook and half ounce weight works best. A simple trick to use when using this bait is wrapping magic thread around the bait to ensure that it doesn’t fly off when fishing.


Overall trout fishing has been slow. Successful anglers are using PowerBait and mice tails to lure them in. When setting up make sure to use a sliding sinker set up with a ½ oz weight and at least an 18” leader line. Trolling also has been slow. Our last plant trout plant was on January 25th, of 1000 pounds. Water temperature remains in the 50’s and visibility is about less than a foot. All fish plants have been suspended due to water going over the spillway.


Bass fishing had a slow week. No bass were caught. Please practice catch and release for bass, as they are not stocked into the lake and their population depends on you!


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