Crowley is Red Hot!

Crowley is Red Hot!

Jim Elias

Water has some clumpy algae depending on where you are. Surface temps are now back down in the upper 50's.  The lake is coming down, and showing no sign of stopping. Weeds are dying everywhere. 

Rod Size:  #4-#6 Weights

Tippet Size: 3-5X  

Dries: Not Yet

Nymphs: Zebra Midge #16-18, Red Baron #16, Albino Baron #16, Black/Red Zebra #16-18, Copper Tiger #16, Rasta Midge #16, Flashback Hare's Ear #14

Streamers: Punk Perch, Generic Perch Patterns, Hornbergs

Special Regs are in effect on Crowley Lake as of August 1st.

Barbless, no bait 2 fish 18" and over through Nov 15th. 

Don't forget to pinch your barbs!

The fish have spread out a little bit along green banks all the way from green banks bay, all the way into the channel. The crowds have been parking right at the weedline at the end of the channel in about 14ft of water. I've been out a bit deeper and have been doing pretty well. I've been anywhere from 17-20ft and for the most part have been by myself save for today. There are a fair amount of dinks mixed in with the bigger fish, but if you put in you'll get some nice fish as well. There are still fish back in Crooked in about 14-19ft of water and out deep in Little Hilton in about 22ft of water and they're almost all browns. Nothing big, but if the wind comes up it's nice to have alternatives. Saw some boats in Layton yesterday, went to investigate and didn't see much worth staying for honestly. Red is the name of the game, and if you can run flies without the white beads you'll do even better. Mid morning I've been switching to anything Gray or Black and have been getting quality fish on either or. 


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