TigerFish Island Rockfishing

TigerFish Island Rockfishing

Allen Chin
(510) 652-3403

Good Evening TigerFishermen,
Been a long time since we’ve been to the Islands. Upon arrival the rockfish quickly greeted us suspending themselves as shallow as 15 feet under the boat where our anglers could hoist in two jumbo widow or blue rockfish in on every drop!  We added 15 nice lingcod up to 17 pounds to top off the sacks for our 18 anglers.  Chartered tomorrow. Lots of space available all week for salmon trolling.  Book your trips 24/7 online at tigerfishsportfishing.com or call the landing at 510.652.3403. 
“Fish like there’s no tomorrow!” - Capt. AL

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Captain Allen Chin
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