Hungry Shasta Lake Trout

Hungry Shasta Lake Trout

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Summer is in full swing now in Redding, California and what does that mean? It means the Shasta Lake Trout and Bass are feeding like crazy all over the lake on Shad bait balls. These baits balls are not hard find your fish finder will loose the bottom they are that thick. You also might think you are running up on high spot. Fear not the lake is full of water more than normal this time of year so when you are over 100, 200, 300, 400 feet of water and suddenly it says 10  to 15 feet, it is bait. 

Yesterday Conner and I rain over massive balls. These balls of bait were often  near the surface  down to 50 feet and would stretch 20 yards or more. Where you find bait you'll find Trout and bass mixed in. We trolled Brown Trout pattern plugs fron 40 to 85 feet at 2 to 3 mph and caught both Bass and Trout. 

It was not necessary to go much deeper than 60 feet, although we did catch fish deeper than that. Early morning till the sun was overhead the fish bite was pretty good at 40 to 60 feet. 

Now is the time to get in on the action these fish will be feeding heavy the next couple months and if you like to eat them they are awesome for that as well.

Video from yesterday's trip 

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