Del Valle Lake Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake Fishing Report

Del Valle Marina
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The lake temperature out here is usually in the upper 70s or right at 80, making the shad spawn have a lot of activity early in the morning you can fins them feeding and where you find shad you can fins the striped bass. The stripers are moving in the Heron Bay Area usually getting caught on anchovies or sardines for the bait and flukes or trout swimbaits for lures.

From shore you can also fish from the hatch hetchy group campsite. Largemouth and small mouth bass are getting caught on nightcrawler for bait usually around the cat tails or the fallen trees in the water you can also fish the rock points Badger Cove on the lake is a good spot or fish the south end from shore lure wise use frog topwater or Texas rigged senkos. The catfish are also biting mostly on mackerel or chicken liver fish for the catfish one can fins the catfish around the fallen trees in the water stink bait works well for these fish that rely on small to sense prey.

From shore you can fish either the east or west beach area for these catfish and larger fish can be found at certain options along the dog run trail. Trout can be caught using either corn yellow powerboat or spring green you can fish fo the trout from shore either from the south end or from the hatch hetchy group campsite for the trout.

Lure wise either trolling roc aging small rapalas or jerk baits can produce results or one can go for a kastmaster the water is warm so the trout are probably going to be deep. The panfish are also biting well out here with most of out anglers catching on either small jigs or mini night crawlers cast these around any structure. Give it a little time if not just move on and recast.