Sea Wolf Fishing Update

Sea Wolf Fishing Update

Joe Hobbs
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It’s about time I’ve posted. Both Captain Joe and I have been at the helm of the Sea Wolf this week with some good fishing and great weather. Here’s what we’ve done this past week.

Monday: We had 23 anglers and caught 230 rockfish, 1 halibut, and 29 lingcod.

Tuesday: 105 degrees in Rocklin and couldn’t wait to get back on the boat.

Wednesday: 16 anglers caught 160 rockfish and 16 lingcod.

Thursday: 15 anglers caught 150 rockfish and 28 lingcod.

Friday: 19 anglers caught 190 rockfish, 2 halibut, 38 striped bass and 21 lingcod......and

Saturday, we had a bay trip charter today for 62 striped bass and 15 halibut for our 31 anglers.

I’ll try my best keeping up with my posts in the future.

Trip Photos

Sea Wolf

Captain Jon Yokomizo
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