Crowley is firing on all cylinders!

Crowley is firing on all cylinders!

Jim Elias

Water is Clear and the temps are in the 50s.

Rod Size:  #4-#6 Weights

Tippet Size: 3-5X  

Dries: Not Yet

Nymphs: Albino Baron #18, Black/Red Zebra #16-18, Copper Tiger #18, Olive Zebra #16, Big Red #14 

Streamers: Red/Black Leeches


The fishing has been very consistent, but it's off to a fairly late start every morning so we're fishing bankers hours. No reason to get out here before 8-8:30. Things really get going around 10-10:30 though. There are perch everywhere, so expect to catch at least a few in between the trout. Most of the fish I've seen are still in the North arm. Haven't been in McGee but it's really not the time of year for it, and I've been catching plenty of fish elsewhere. There are fish on the northeast side of Sandy Point, and across over at Layton, all in about 12-15ft of water. I've been hanging a leech above my two midges with the occasional grab on the leech. Red early, and then switching to copper/copper tiger and Olive if you can believe it later in the day. 

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