Siskiyou Browns biting again

Siskiyou Browns biting again

Scott Caldwell
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4/9/19 Crazy wet weather with the emphasis on crazy has made fishing interesting and tough at times over the past month or so. With that said, I checked out Lake Siskiyou yesterday and had some fair action on the Browns.

Trolling fast not just because that is how I got the fish to bite, but also because that crazy weather I mentioned decided to blow really hard with occasional rain an hail an snow, and made it difficult to troll any slower lol. 

Sometimes mother nature helps in weird ways. I got a late morning start and fishing into early afternoon. The lake looks to be done turning over but has risen quite a bit with all the extra water staining parts of it with a little shore debris but all in all very fish able.

It is looking like all bodies of water in the North state will be dealing with rising water issues but some lakes handle that issue pretty well Lake Siskiyou being one.

The Browns were biting 3 to 4 mph trolled plugs in the top 15 to 20 feet of lake. All the plugs were dipped in ProCure garlic bloody tuna. I didn't not catch any really huge fish but the 16 to 19 incher were pretty fat.

Spring is trying to actually start all over up here, and with it great fishing will occur we just have to wade through whatever Mother Nature has in store for us.

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