Small and Largemouth Bite Has Been Great

Small and Largemouth Bite Has Been Great

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The lake temperature has been in the lower 60s for most of the day, finally bringing the smallmouth and largemouth bass out to play here at Lake Del Valle! The small and largemouth bass have been going crazy out here as they begin to enter their spawning period. Some of the bass have been caught with the telltale bleeding on their tails from making beds to spawn. Many of our anglers are nailing them along the tulle patches that run along the lake, my personal favorite it the flip night crawlers with as small a split shot weight as I have viable on the line. Lure wise, you can throw a smaller kastmaster or spinner baits that bass will hit on the shad imitations. Square bill crank baits also have been workmen well the bass seem to prefer some sort of displacement. Another spot where I have has a lot fo luck for the bass fishing handicapped dock on the south end of the lake.

The trout bite is also going well the favorite flavored bait by our anglers right now is the chartreuse and orange mice tails.  From shore many of our fisherman are hooking up along the ear or west beaches in the south end of the lake. If you have a boat hitting the sandy beaches along the narrows would be a good bet. Trolling wise you want small spinners or medium to smaller sized rap alas. Many of out trout have also been coming in on power bait either the corn yellow or the chartreuse works the best.

The catfish is also starting to pick up, many can be found along the options in heron bay casting out either anchovies or night crawlers for your bait. You can even use mackerel if you want to try for a large catfish. Most of the catfish can be found either at the fallen trees around the lake or hanging out in the tulle patches if you see a carp roll over its a good change that a catfish is around too!

The striper fishing has been slowing down but will pick up late in May when the shad start to come up to the surface of the water and the striped bass begin to boil on the top of the water. If you are still determined to fish for striper casting out anchovies for bait or working larger shad imitation lures. Many of the striped bass run either in the marina area or out but the sam during this time of year.